Site Update History

10/9/22 - Apologies for the lack of updates! On top of my usual illness, I've been working on a very extensive guide for generation 1 shiny hunting that is taking much longer than anticipated due to the complexity of what I need to write and code for it. That'll be coming sometime down the line, but in the meantime, take the Time Changing Passcode Generator and the article I wrote on why I made this website to hold you over!

8/19/22 - Made a save converter for GSC save files to get cartridge and emulator saves working on the Virtual Console on 3DS!

8/17/22 - Wrote an informational article on the basics of shiny hunting as well as an article on DV breeding for shinies! The sidebars also have actual categories now, yay. If tables don't have colors or the sidebars don't have new categories, clear your cache.

7/23/22 - Created the Crystal Sprite GIF Archive - a page hosting every single animated Crystal sprite with a transparent background in GIF format! These sprites can also be used across CPG easily now, woohoo!

7/22/22 - Updated some invisible stuff and more importantly, CPG has a custom domain now! All previous neocities links will redirect to plainly New pages are still being worked on, I just fell ill last month.

6/9/22 - Created the Stat Experience Tracker, a useful calculator when grinding stat experience. I've been picking up new JavaScript skills to make more useful tools around the site, hopefully! Also added the first affiliate (woo!), added CPG's contact email to the front page, and changed the Gold site theme to be less straining on the eyes since it was bothering me haha.

6/2/22 - Added a theme changer! Try deleting your cache if the site isn't loading properly. Feel free to report any bugs!

5/27/22 - Long time no see! My health's tanked in recent months so updates may continue to be sporadic. The hardware guide was updated to add spin-off games, and a page on obtaining the Lucky Egg optimally in generation 2 has been added.

2/3/22 - Updated CSS to be more functional, made a correction to the hardware guide.

12/21/21 - Added extensive information complete with images to the buying advice sections of the games and hardware guide. Still working on the other pages in the guide! Also added a guestbook.

12/17/21 - Wrote an "about me" page, started the games and hardware guide, and fixed up some more backend stuff. Things are coming along...

12/15/21 - First article added! Fixed up some backend stuff too so editing the site in the future should be easier. Also added a method of contact.

12/14/21 - Home page created! Site should be functional on any device of any screen size, but there aren't any articles to look at quite yet. Categories in the menus are placeholders and definitely subject to change.