Contact Me

Hey there! I appreciate you wanting to reach out, but please keep the following in mind before messaging or emailing me:

I am willing to take suggestions for the site, answer questions, discuss assisting in Pokémon community related projects, negotiate putting a notice onto CPG's homepage for your Pokémon related projects if they are not monetary and I think they fit the purpose of the site, or just take any comments you'd prefer not to put on the guestbook for whatever reason. I don't bite, I promise!

With all that out of the way, you can contact me at the following:

Thanks for reaching out!

Affiliation Requests

You'd like to affiliate with CPG? Great! If you have a Pokémon related website, I'd love to mutually link to each other. I do have a tiny handful of simple rules for who I agree to affiliate with, however:

Site Name:
Site URL:
88x31 Button:
(Optional) Anything else you'd like me to know:

Once I receive your request, I will take a look at your site and message you back either accepting or denying the request! If I accept, I will add your button to my affiliation section as soon as I can. Please then add my button to your site at your soonest convenience or during your next site update. Thank you!

My button:
(Please do not hotlink, download this image and upload it to your site!)

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