Don't worry, all of the content that was on CPG is still on BMF. The site should look almost identical to what you remember.


(You'll be taken to the page you were trying to access on CPG.)

More information on the site move

This is only for if you're curious.

Why CPG is changing names

Back when I started making CPG as a tiny hobby project in December 2021, I wasn't thinking into the future about how big of a project it would actually become. As a result, I didn't put much thought into the name. Now that the site is much larger and actually has a lot of daily users, I recognize that using the word "Pokémon" in the actual URL could potentially invite legal trouble down the road, and I'd rather avoid that fate, so I'm changing the domain before it can ever become a problem. This is the only time this will ever happen - CPG will be Blue Moon Falls for as long as I continue to maintain the site.

Why "Blue Moon Falls" was the name chosen

"Blue Moon Falls" is a reference to a location in episode 127 of the original Pokémon anime series, "Once in a Blue Moon." It heavily features Quagsire, my favorite Pokémon, as Ash and crew follow it to try and get the GS Ball it stole back. The combination of it having my favorite Pokémon, the obscure GS Ball, and also the water/blue themes that line up with Suicune are why I picked Blue Moon Falls as the new name.

Updating links and affiliates

If you were an affiliate of CPG, you should have received an email from my new email address, informing you about the change in URL and asking you to update accordingly. If not, it was an accident, and please reach out! As for anyone else who may link to CPG's resources, please update your links with the new BMF equivalent! The old CPG links will only direct to this splash page or so long. Update your personal bookmarks as well.