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Playing the generation 1 and 2 Pokémon games in modern times can be difficult when going past the surface level. Googling various questions about the games often lead to old, disorganized forum threads, FAQ sites, and wiki pages, making researching RBY/GSC and their associated games a game of telephone from two decades ago.

This site serves as a roadmap to get the most enjoyment out of generation 1/2 Pokémon for the passionate player. It isn't just a list of information and stats, but also gives direction on what there even is to do in generations 1 and 2, and why it's worth trying. If you've ever wanted to clear the Crystal Battle Tower, 100% the Stadium games on the N64, or just want to become more intimate with these classic Pokémon games, this is the place.


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3/7/23 - A massive article on generation 2 Mystery Gift and decorations has been added! I am fairly certain it's the most comprehensive resource on the topic that currently exists. Please enjoy!

2/28/23 - A small update today but an important one! The GSC Save Converter has been updated to include compatibility with Japanese Crystal, which it didn't before, as well as a somewhat common alternative emulator save file size. It should be compatible with any language Gold, Silver, or Crystal saves of any kind now, but please do send in a bug report with the form on the page if you run into any issues!

1/31/23 - Belated happy New Year! You'll see that the front page and sidebars of the site have received a facelift (press CTRL+F5 or clear your browser cache if not) and there is a new theme to pick from, the "Shiny Quag" theme. My contact information has been fleshed out over on the new contact page, where you can also send me an affiliation request if you also run a Pokémon related site. Most importantly, I wrote an article about the history of the GS Ball Celebi event and how to play it yourself in the modern age, so do check it out! Updates to the generation 1 shiny hunting guides probably coming soon, as well as a million other things as usual.

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